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you may ask...

What is Business Finance Coaching?

This service is similar to my business coaching service, but this is for Individuals. So if you're a high net-worth individual and you are feeling uncomfortable about your personal financial position? Or just struggling to raise funding to invest or start a new business venture, then this is for you.

Many individuals go through financial challenges on a personal level because of poor money management & investment skills. 

My Personal Financial Group Coaching Academy which I like to call "Change Your Money Story" will help you organize your finances, save, manage, investment and appropriate your money more effectively so you can actually live the life of your dreams.

You will be able to..

  • Work towards your vision - Have a business plan in place to track it.

  • Plan, manage & raise funding to start a new business venture so you can diversify your income

  • Make better financial decisions that work for you, your spouse and your family as a whole without having to put a knife to your throat.

  • Balance your pleasure / investment money relationship, so that no part of your life suffers.

  • Get the oversight, accountability needed to achieve massive success.

Taking care of our business finances addresses the nagging feeling of unease, and allows you to become relevant to your customers. 

It helps you say on course for the benefit of your customers, staff and shareholders by cleaning up unresolved issues that can sabotage your business in subtle ways. 

Give yourself and your business the gift of peace of mind

How Does "Change Your Money Story" Membership Work with Douglas Oppong Work?

My job is to prepare your business to think outside the box - help you streamline your processes, innovate and achieve more revenue with less resources deployed.

If your business is undergoing challenges about maintaining or achieving increased sales, reaching your prospects or achieving profitability, I will teach you what to do, to become or have increased profits and financial success- for you or your shareholders.

Who is it for?

Whether your business is stagnating or looking to make real and positive changes, get some answers to specific questions, or just have someone point you in the right direction, business finance coaching may be right for you.

  • Are you achieving your revenue goals?

  • Are your increasing your customer base at greater costs to your bottomline?

  • Are you leverage relationships and technology to increase your income?

  • Are you stagnating because you cannot access the needed funding?

  • What are your business' priorities in the next five years?

A Word of Caution..

Do not feel insulated and bury your head in the sand.

Rest assured that working with me will help move our business 10X to another level of profitability and financial success. 

What DO I Do Now?

Sign Up below for "Change Your Money Story" Membership, and begin the process of learning step by step how to change your financial future with practical insights that I have gained from real world experience of thriving in harsh environments and unfavorable circumstances.

If you want to move your finances to the next level, then this is for you. Sign Up below and let's get started.

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